How we can help.....

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We know that sometimes it is really difficult to know where to begin and to figure out what's the best thing to do.

This is why we offer an initial assessment session where we invite you to tell us your concerns.

During the assessment session,  we will discuss treatment options (see below) as well help you to identify what can be done immediately to help.

We believe that a holistic approach to prevention and recovery is one where the whole picture is looked at, this means that what we do to support you will be unique, in content and design. Although we use some behavioral techniques we  describe the way we work as Integrative, Holistic and Compassion focused.

Our Charges

You will see below that we offer a range of theraputic options, we also operate on a sliding scale of fees so in the scope of this website it isn't practical to fully explain our fee structure.


Our initial assessment fees start at £50 for an individual (for up to one and a half hours) and £120 for a family. Where the family assessment takes place, this will frequently be with more than one therapist and will last for up to two hours.

What we do.....

Understanding and Recovery from Your Anxiety Programme

A unique look at why you are suffering with anxiety (in its many forms). Assessment, Evaluation, Understanding and Psycho-education, Responding, Planning & Transformation. Learning to self soothe and to recognise what stimulates our anxiety is really important in prevention and recovery.

Psychotherapy or Counselling Usually one to one sessions focusing on recovery and well-being. This may mean one session or a short or long term therapeutic relationship.

Mentoring Programme A flexible, one to one relationship where support may include real life challenges and aspirations. Overcoming difficulties is often about finding what is most meaningful and about taking action.

Parent and Child Well-being Groups These groups focus on self care, psycho-education and often include new activities which may be fun and inspirational. These group are helpful in opening communication, understanding and love.

Breakthrough & Recovery Intensive sometimes it's possible to bring about rapid changes by working intensively over a short time. This may be individual work or may include the family where relevant and possible. Talk to us about how we can support you with this. Although we aren't offering exactly this, the Bergen- Treatment is an example of intensive work which has excellent success with OCD.

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